Nuclear data

Nuclear data represents all of the requisite nuclear physics parameters that are required for various applications. FISPACT-II has a variety of modern nuclear data forms that include reaction cross-sections, emitted particle spectra and angles, residual nuclide production, fission yields and radioactive decay data. The sub-pages linked below include user-friendly interfaces that allow users to find any of the nuclear data used by FISPACT-II and obtain detailed graphical representations of the data. Included for some data forms are interactive plotting tools which allow direct interrogation of the nuclear data values and comparison between data libraries, as well as options to download the original data files.

Please note that these pages are still in development. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us.

Fission yield data

Along with incident-particle reaction data, FISPACT-II includes particle-induced and spontaneous fission yields from all major libraries as well as the GEF-generated GEFY fission yields. These cover a wide range of nuclides of charge Z=86-100 with more than 100 total targets and a fine incident energy grid with up to 59 energies. A set of UKFY-4 files for charged particle induced fission are also provided, as well as spontaneous fission yields from all major evaluations and the GEFY files.