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LIBVERSION nlibv {1}

This keyword is used to select the format of the nuclear data libraries to be read. It is not needed if ENDF-format libraries are to be used, which is the default case in FISPACT-II versions as of release 3-00. nlibv is an integer indicating the library version. If nlibv is set to 0, then EAF library formats are assumed, and the EAF unit mapping keywords must appear in the files file. LIBVERSION must be used before the FISPACT keyword as it determines which input streams from the files file are used to read the nuclear data.

This keyword may also be used in the initial conditions and inventory calculation sections of the input file if the cross-sections or decay rate file format are to be changed during the course of a run.

Since this is only required for legacy EAF data, the example usage is (here for VIT-J 175 group EAF data):

< -- Control phase -- >
GETXS 1 175
* Title of the simulation
< -- Initial phase -- > 
< -- Inventory phase -- >