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GRAPH numg grshow guncrt nopt(i) i=1,numg

This keyword specifies what information is stored in the file graph (which will be <fileroot>.gra) for subsequent post-processing. The number of graphs required (numg) is input, and for each graph an option number (nopt(i)) is read. Allowable values for the options are:

  1. Total activity
  2. Total gamma dose rate
  3. Total heat output
  4. Ingestion dose
  5. Inhalation dose
  6. Gamma heat output
  7. Beta heat output

The parameter grshow allows slightly different versions of the data file to be constructed. If grshow = 0 then an output suitable for PC post-processing is obtained; if grshow = 1 then the output might be more suitable for other platforms. If grshow = 2 then a .gra file is written in a form suitable for gnuplot and a .plt file containing gnuplot commands to plot the graphs is also written. For example, issuing the command

gnuplot <fileroot>.plt

will create the file <fileroot> from <fileroot>.gra.

The third parameter guncrt allows the user to specify if uncertainty data should be (1) or should not be (0) written to the graph file. If the uncertainty data are written then the plotting routines can display the uncertainties on all five types of plots. The axes are scaled automatically in the gnuplot .plt file. The minimum time is set to the start of the logarithmic decade in which the first cooling step is displayed. The value of the radiological quantity at the start of the cooling time (t = 0) is plotted on the ordinate of this graph. The graph command will fail if there is not at least one cooling step.

If different display options are required, then the user may edit the *.plt files to match their preferences.

Several of the getting started examples include GRAPH in their inputs and use automatic or bespoke plotting scripts for visualisation. An example of this where activity, gamma-dose and ingestion dose are written to a .gra data file with an associated gnuplot .plt script would be:

< -- Control phase -- >
* Title of the simulation
< -- Initial phase -- > 
GRAPH 3 0 1
  1 2 4
< -- Inventory phase -- >