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PROJECTILE nproj {1}

This keyword defines the incoming particle for the activation calculations and its primary use is to indicate to the code that charged particle reactions are going to be used. This keyword must be used if a library other than a neutron-induced reaction library is used.

At present, cross section uncertainty data are known only for neutron-induced reactions, so if nproj is not 1, then the NOERROR keyword must also be used. Also note that the group structure for charged particle TENDL files is the CCFE-162 group structure, rather than the 709 or other. The GETXS keyword must also be setup to use 162 data in this case.

For a gamma library nproj should be set to ‘5’, for a deuteron library nproj should be set to ‘2’, for a proton library nproj should be set to ‘3’ and for an alpha library nproj should be set to ‘4’. A neutron library uses the default value of ‘1’.

An example of the use of this keyword in the collapse of a deuteron library is

< -- Control phase -- >
GETXS 1 162
* Simulation with TENDL-2015 tal-d
< -- Initial phase -- > 
< -- Inventory phase -- >