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FISPACT-II is licenced and distributed directly through the UKAEA. Enquiries can be made through the FISPACT-II contact form on the project site or by finding the relevant staff member contact on the CCFE researchers page.

The table below gives a break down of the licences. Note that: (1) research licences are only for academic or public sector research establishments, (2) research licences at a nominal fee are available for UK universities and close collaborators and (3) research licenses specifically forbid use in contract work.

FISPACT-II Item Licence
Commercial Research
- Executable and all data sets

- One year maintenance and upgrades

£30k £15k
- Annual maintenance and upgrades £4.5k £2.25k
- Source code (+50% of Exec. licence) £15k £7.5k
- Training Price on Application

The OECD-NEA Data Bank offers a licencing and distribution service through the various members states. Version 4.0 is available as NEA-1890:

NEA-1890 FISPACT-II: Inventory Simulation Platform for Nuclear Observables and Materials Science

Please note that these distributions come with specific licence agreements which include many limitations, for example forbidding use in commercial applications.