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The recommended route to obtain FISPACT-II for non-commercial research purposes is either through the OECD-NEA or RSICC.

The OECD-NEA Data Bank offers a licencing and distribution service to various members states. Version 4.0 is available as NEA-1890:

NEA-1890 FISPACT-II: Inventory Simulation Platform for Nuclear Observables and Materials Science

The Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) also offers version 4.0 to eligible persons. See the abstract.

Please note that the distributions provided by these organisations come with specific licence agreements which include many limitations, for example forbidding use in commercial applications.

If you require a commercial licence for FISPACT-II or are otherwise unable to use the OECD-NEA or RSICC routes then FISPACT-II can also be obtained directly through the UKAEA. Enquiries can be made through the FISPACT-II contact form on the project site or by finding the relevant staff member contact on the CCFE researchers page.

The table below gives a break down of the licences available directly from UKAEA. Note that most research-only licences come at a cost, so NEA/RSICC licencing is strongly recommended (there is almost no direct cost for those options).

Please be aware that: (1) research licences are only for academic or public sector research establishments, (2) research licences at a nominal fee are available for UK universities and close collaborators and (3) research licenses specifically forbid use in contract work.

FISPACT-II Item Licence
Commercial Research
Executable and all data sets

(including one year of maintenance and upgrades)

£35k £15k
Annual maintenance and upgrades £5.5k £3.25k
Training Price on Application

All of the licences costs listed above are one-off charges, giving organisations perpetual access to a particular version of FISPACT-II. However, recently, in response to user demand, UKAEA has also developed a FISPACT-II variant that allows time-limited licencing for small, short-term projects at a significantly reduced cost compared to the prices shown above. Information about the per-month pricing for this option can be obtained by contacting the FISPACT-II team.