Code Distribution

FISPACT-II is licenced and distributed directly through the UKAEA. Inquiries may be directed through the contact form.

Licences are non-transferable, site specific for multiple users.

FISPACT-II Item Licence
Commercial Research
– Executable and all data sets
– One year maintenance and upgrades
£30k £15k
– Annual maintenance and upgrades £4.5k £2.25k
– Source code (+50% of Exec. licence) £15k £7.5k
– Training Price on Application


Please note that:

  1. Research licences are only for academic or public sector research establishments
  2. Research licences at a nominal fee are available for UK universities and close collaborators
  3. Research licenses specifically forbid use in contract work

The OECD-NEA Data Bank offers a licencing and distribution service through the various members states. The version 4.0 is available as NEA-1890:

The US ORNL Radiation Safety Information Computational Center distributes the code as CCC-836:

Please note that these distributions come with specific licence agreements which include many limitations, for example forbidding use in commercial applications. Those interested in using FISPACT-II for such applications should contact the UKAEA directly.

Supported Systems

The executables supplied with the most recent FISPACT-II release have been tested on over 100 systems/versions. For the full list, see The suite of systems used to compile the code version 4.0 are:

  • masOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and 10.12 (Sierra)
  • Windows 10 (x32 and x64)
  • Ubuntu 18.04, 17.10, 16.04
  • openSUSE 42.3
  • CentOS 7.4, 6.9
  • Scientific Linux 7, 6
  • Oracle Linux 7.4, 6.9
  • Fedora 27, 26
  • LinuxMint 18
  • Debian 9
  • Alpine 3.6
  • ArchLinux (Feb 2018)

The Intel and GNU fortran compilers were used for all systems, where possible, as documented in the manual. Users who cannot find a suitable executable version are encouraged to contact the developers. Source code can be obtained through direct purchase from the UKAEA, subject to approval.

Training Courses, Meetings and User Help

The FISPACT-II user manual provides a detailed description of the code, keywords, outputs and methods. This is complemented by the online FISPACT-II Wiki and FISPACT-II Forum, which provide more code details and discussions with feedback from the code developers.

From the 3-00-00 version onward, the code is distributed with a getting started section which covers several simulations with step-by-step walkthrough.

The lecture materials from the most recent OECD-NEA Data Bank workshop on FISPACT-II are available in the documentation section.