Fission Yields

Fission can be spontaneous or initiated by some incident particle, such as a neutron. Fission product yields represent the probability of production of any given nuclei from the fission of some initial nucleus. These depend on various parameters, notably the charge and mass of the initial nucleus as well as the incident particle type and energy, if applicable. For each possible option (e.g. parent, incident particle, incident energy) a separate fission yield is required to track the inventory of nuclides in a system including fission. The most recent, tabulated nuclear data for independent fission product yields are shown below with multiple tabs for: (1) GEFY-5.3 full energy-dependent fission yield films covering 59 targets, (2) GEFY-5.2 energy-dependent films for 159 targets, (3) a set of visualisations for all data within various standard libraries, including their uncertainties, and (4) an interactive figure for all datasets [cooming soon].

Higher resolution films and images are available upon request. Use the contact page to reach the developers.

Z Element Isotope
Z Element Isotope

All GEFY data has been generated by the GEF code authors. For more information see the relevant Nuclear Data Sheets paper and references therein. The fission yield data is distributed through the sister CENBG and KHS sites.

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