High-Energy Yields

High-energy reactions, above a few 10s of MeV, produce a large number of residual product nuclei through a combination of reaction phases that are typically described through an intra-nuclear cascade followed by pre-equilibrium emission and final de-excitation. Due to the relatively large number of reaction channels, this cannot be described in the standard ENDF-6 mt formalism. In a format analogous to fission yields, high-energy residual product libraries utilise the MF=10 format to specify the residual product cross sections for all possible products.

The High-Energy INCL-based Residual (HEIR) product library has been developed to provide this high-energy residual data for FISPACT-II calculations. It is distributed with FISPACT-II release 4.0, with proton-induced data up to 1 GeV. Films showing the data for all targets and energies are provided below.

Higher resolution films and images are available upon request. Use the contact page to reach the developers.

Z Element Isotope
Z Element Isotope

All HEIR-0.1 data generated using Geant4 in-built physics lists for INCL++ and ABLA.

HEIR-0.1       Pb   208