TENDL-2019 nuclear data available

The TENDL-2019 neutron-induced cross section data at 294 K in the 1102 group structure ENDF-6 format files are available directly from

The compressed file is approximately 1.2 Gb in size. Please note that this includes:
—-> 1102 group cross sections for 294K
—-> Probability tables for 1102 group cross sections at 294K

Equivalent downloads are available for 600 K (tendl19data600.tar.bz2) and 900 K (tendl19data900.tar.bz2) cross sections, while the 294 K data is also available in 709 group format (tendl19data709.tar.bz2)

– Proton, gamma, alpha and deuteron-induced data, suitable for use with FISPACT-II, is available to download from the official TENDL-2019 website at https://tendl.web.psi.ch/tendl_2019/tar.html

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