FISPACT-II 5.0 code release

FISPACT-II version 5.0 (May 2021) has been released.

This version updates many aspects, corrects several bugs, and has benefitted from improved testing. It includes new keywords to support the functionality of library compression and nuclear reaction-data interrogation within the code itself (instead of via utilities) and provides access to the latest nuclear data libraries (including TENDL2019). A major new feature is an Application Programming Interface (API) – in beta phase – that allows effective communication with other software. The API also comes with its own, newly written manual.

The code is already distributed through OECD-NEA Data Bank as:

FISPACT-II 5.0, Inventory Simulation Platform for Nuclear Observables and Materials Science


Please note that licences obtained through the OECD-NEA have various restrictions. Licences without these restrictions may be obtained directly through the UKAEA. Please use the contact page to enquire about this access. Distribution via RSICC will be available soon.

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