CENDL-3.1 nuclear data available

The CENDL-3.1 neutron-induced cross section data in the 709 group structure ENDF-6 format files are available directly from: http://www.ccfe.ac.uk/easy-data/FISPACT … 31data.tgz The compressed file is approximately 26 Mb in size. It is recommended that users install the uncompressed files within their FISPACT-II installation directory under ENDFdata. Note: Ag, Ca, Cd, Cl, Cu, Ge, Hg, K, S, Sn, Tl, V, W and Zn are given as elemental evaluations which are not suitable for many activation analyses.
Michael Fleming http://www.ccfe.ac.uk/researcher_detail.aspx?id=92 UK Atomic Energy Authority D3/1.56 Culham Science Centre Abingdon, OX14 3DB United Kingdom

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