TENDL-2015 nuclear data available

The TENDL-2015 neutron-induced cross section data in the 709 group structure ENDF-6 format files are available directly from:

http://www.ccfe.ac.uk/easy-data/FISPACT … 15data.tgz

The compressed file is approximately 6.7 Gb in size. The uncompressed data is over 30 Gb in size. Please note that this includes a substantial amount of data:

– Neutron-induced data
—-> 709 group cross sections for 294K, 600K, 900K, kT=5keV and kT=30keV
—-> Probability tables for 709 group cross sections at 294K, 600K and 900K
—-> Neutron-induced fission yields from GEFY-5.2
—-> PKA spectra for all neutron-induced reactions

– Proton, gamma, alpha and deuteron-induced data
—-> 162 group cross sections
—-> UKFY-4.1 charged particle fission yields

– GEFY-5.2 spontaneous fission yields

It is recommended that users install the uncompressed files within their FISPACT-II installation directory under ENDFdata.

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